Feb 222017

Our family just set up a private Facebook page for its members–and only its family members. The single rule of our page is that we post only fun and positive family stuff and photos–nothing nasty or divisive. That’s what we’re doing, and what a respite it is.

Whatever side of the aisle you’re on, by now you must be sick of being labeled a deplorable, a racist, a bigot, an imbecile, a libtard, a socialist, a communist, a snowflake, or whatever the politically charged label of the day may be.

One by one my family members grew weary of having to wade through toxic political posts, not to mention condescending lectures from the politically correct police, fake news, and conspiracy theories, in order to get a glimpse of pleasant posts and photos from family and friends that we actually wanted to see. Finally, we all had enough.

I mentioned to our Firstborn that we should consider having a Facebook family page of our own where we could post our family news and photos so we don’t have to put up with all the negativity on our personal pages. He took the suggestion and ran with it. He created the Family Stuff Only Zone Facebook page and sent our family members a notification.


I created this group as a place where we can simply share updates on our families. I realized by completely leaving Facebook I gave up access to stay connected to you guys. No politics, no rants, no judgement. Just cute adorable things that our kids are doing – that kind of stuff.

Now I skip past my personal page as quickly as I can to get to our Family Stuff Only Zone page to see news and photos of my sons and their families, my sister and her family, my in-laws and their families, and I post happy news and fun photos of my own. This is what Facebook ought to be like, once was like, and hopefully will be like again someday.

Feel free to copy what we’ve done. It will do wonders for your blood pressure.

Feb 092017

You know how bears eat like hogs (well, berries and honey, not slop) to fatten up for winter hibernation? That’s sort of what MG and I are doing in Florida for the month of February. During our first week, we’re pigging out at our favorite restaurants in Destin more than enough times to fatten a bear for hibernation all winter long.

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Jan 182017

Why does Hollywood insist on movie remakes that mess with a classic film or an iconic character? Take my childhood idol Wonder Woman. They’ve made a new, updated, “improved” Wonder Woman movie. Improved, my aching backside. From what I’ve read about it, they changed her uniform so drastically she is no longer recognizable as the Wonder Woman I grew up admiring. To add insult to injury, it’s possible she may not self identify as an amazon any longer because there will be hints that she swings both ways. It wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes ambivalent about her gender identity. This is Hollywood, after all. Maybe they’ll make her politically correct in the next movie and call her Wonder Person.

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