Aug 242016

Most people, if they are fortunate enough to have a few coins to rub together, accumulate a lot of stuff in their lifetimes. Some accumulate more stuff than most. Others are obsessed with accumulating mountains of stuff of every kind imaginable. If you’ve ever watched American Pickers you know exactly what I mean.

There are three known drawbacks to collecting irresistible stuff that you find so fascinating that you absolutely must have it under your own roof so you may gaze on it lovingly and dust it occasionally.

Vampire Ashes 1

Drawback Number One: You will eventually run out of space to house your collection of stuff and be forced to move to a larger dwelling. [That actually happened to a neighbor of mine.]

Hoarder 4

Drawback Number Two: Your spouse or significant other will eventually threaten to leave you if you don’t get rid of the cluttered mess of stuff you call a collection. [Same neighbor.]

Hoarder 3

Drawback Number Three: The inevitable. You didn’t think far enough ahead to the  day you die and leave that collection of stuff behind forcing someone else to deal with it. You fail to take into consideration that you might be the only one in your family who finds your stuff fascinating and irresistible. The family member who is stuck finding a home for your collection of stuff will not think kindly of you and may even bury you with it. [That neighbor is still alive, but this may possibly happen to him eventually.]

Hoarder 2

Seriously, the reason collecting too much stuff is on my mind this week is that I recently encountered a personal situation where huge collections of stuff were involved. Our family paid a visit to Macho Guy’s clan west of the Mighty Mississippi. Earlier in the year, a beloved family member had passed away. The rest of MG’s family was involved in settling her estate. Prior to the estate sale, we were all encouraged to select mementos from her many collections.

We walked through her condo encountering room after room with stacks of items from her home furnishings and her collections on display. Furniture, large and small decorative items, China, small appliances, artificial floral arrangements she created, Christmas decorations, costume jewelry, artwork, craft supplies, family photo albums, books, movie DVDs and music CDs, and more filled each room. We each chose a few items but hundreds remained. That walkthrough made me think of my sons and of my own bulky collections.

I’m a book slut. I never met a book I could say no to. There are books–romance, mystery, western, and science fiction novels, classics, poetry, plays, non-fiction and reference books–stacked double deep on the book shelves in my office. Those will be donated to the local library one day, although the autographed editions will no doubt be sold.

Unfortunately, neither of my sons has any interest in my Star Trek collection of movies, videotaped TV episodes, novels, magazines, Christmas ornaments, a collectable plate, a poster of The Enterprise, a pen and ink poster of Kirk and Spock, a cute littleTribble, and William Shatner’s autograph. Neither do they want my science fiction artwork collection. I have been urged to sell the lot on eBay as soon as possible so they won’t have to deal with it at some future date when I lift off for that Star Base in the Cosmos.

I cringed at the thought of how much time selling the collection would take away from my writing. I mentioned this to one of MG’s nephews who is also a writer and a Star Trek fan. He expressed interest, so the Mafia Princess made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. If he would sell my Star Trek collection for me–with three important exceptions–he could keep the money he got for it. The three important exceptions I made were: the pen and ink poster of Kirk and Spock, the cute little Tribble, and William Shatner’s autograph.

Kirk & Spock

Tribble-Shatner autograph pic

Wm Shatner Autograph

I refused to part with those three items while I’m still earthbound. I saw no need to go completely overboard. Surely dramatically downsizing the collection is more than sufficient and should ease my sons’ concerns. Wouldn’t you agree?

Aug 172016

O brilliant first draft. O miraculous manuscript containing all the exquisite phrases that sprang from my mind, fully formed like Athena from the skull of Zeus. O eloquent pages teeming with so many darling words, phrases, and scenes that I can hardly believe I wrote them myself.

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Mobile Me An Office #MobileOffice #Technology #ITOverload

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Aug 102016

You gotta love modern technology.

We can do things today that I only read about in science fiction novels or viewed in science fiction movies and television shows when I was growing up.

Take the smart phone for example. It’s a telephone, television, and computer all in one–and it talks. It’s Star Trek tech for real in the palm of your hand. You can take it with you wherever you go and use it just about wherever you are. Along with its larger sibling the smart tablet and its mother the notebook computer, it allows you to telecommute. You can be on the job without being at work. Case in point, a family reunion out of state this past weekend during which Firstborn and I turned our cars into mobile offices.

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Aug 032016


Did you ever have one of those weird dreams–oh, of course you have. We all have. Sometimes we remember them and sometimes we don’t. I can remember my most recent weird dream, which was probably the result of a remark I made to a friend.

Having been an English Major in college and then a teacher in one of my careers, I got on my soapbox and complained about our federal office holders. My view is that either they have never read the US Constitution in its entirety, if at all, or they are devoid of reading comprehension skills. Or all of the above.

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Jul 272016

Our Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America chapter sponsored another weekend Write-In July 22-24, 2016. We chose a different venue this time.  A dozen of our members congregated at the Hankerd Inn in Pleasant Lake, Michigan, to write our hearts out alongside other writers all weekend long.

Hankerd Inn

Our group took over The Barn at The Hankerd, a three story, all inclusive facility. It contained a work area on the first level, a kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms on the second level, and bedrooms on the third. Since I’m still recuperating from hip replacement, I truly appreciated The Barn’s two handicap accessible bedrooms and shared handicap accessible bathroom on the second floor because I’m not one hundred percent recovered yet and still walking with the assistance of a cane. Continue reading »

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