Jul 122017

The mostess guests, that is. I’ll explain in a bit.

First off, we were asked to pet sit Buddy, our younger son’s miniature golden doodle, while he and his family vacationed up north for the week of July 4th. Buddy didn’t require entertaining, just constant petting. He’s so needy, but he’s easily pleased.

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Jun 302017

I didn’t post on Wednesday. Instead of writing the blog at the scheduled time, I spent Tuesday getting ready for a brainstorming/write-in session with writer pal Margo Hoornstra. We met at the Schuler’s Books & Chapbook Cafe in a popular local mall.

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Jun 232017

MG is a handy guy to have around. He can fix just about anything in the house and in the garage. The just about caveat refers to the computers and electronic devices. Those are my babies. If it’s mechanical or building-related, MG is our go to guy. He did most of the remodeling of our main floor bath last year.

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Jun 142017

We switched bank credit cards a short while ago. It had nothing to do with fees, interest rates, or those 800 phone calls about lowering our interest rates. Those calls are aggravating to be sure, and always seem to occur at dinnertime, but they are not the reason we decided to make the change.

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Gossip Girls of a Certain Age #gossip #adults #cafe #coffee

 Serious Whimsy  Comments Off on Gossip Girls of a Certain Age #gossip #adults #cafe #coffee
Jun 082017

Every week or so, a few of the “adult girls” in our neighborhood get together for coffee and conversation at a local café. I join them when I’m not having a pajama day. In other words, a day when I don’t bother getting out of my pajamas because I’m too busy writing to take the time.

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