Jan 202016

It comes as no surprise to my circle of family and friends that I would break something necessary to the enjoyment of my Florida Panhandle winter vacation in a lovely beachfront condo. A lovely beachfront condo on stilts with a staircase of twenty steps leading to the front door and the living level. A lovely beachfront condo with a flight and a half of steps leading to the second floor bedrooms.


In my circle of family and friends, I am a well-known klutz. I spill things. I tear things. I drop things. I knock things over. I trip over things. I fall over things. I break things. After spending only one glorious week in the lovely beachfront condo, I managed a trifecta.

I tripped on a concrete block in a mall parking lot.

I fell over the concrete block in the mall parking lot.

I broke my left hip when I hit the pavement after tripping and falling over the concrete block in the mall parking lot–after which the entire Milky Way Galaxy appeared before my eyes.


Other galaxies joined the Milky Way when I was shoehorned into the front seat of my Baby Sister’s vehicle and again when I was extracted from said vehicle at the emergency medical center. My agony increased exponentially when I was informed of the break.

Two painful thoughts immediately sprang to mind: the surgery I would have to undergo to repair the hip, and all those stairs at the condo that I would not be able to climb without weeks of physical therapy.

There went all our winter vacation plans and our non-refundable, paid in advance rental fee for the condo. Bummer. We would have been better off had we remained in Michigan. I know for a fact that I would have.

The irony that surrounds this unfortunate incident? The concrete block that I tripped on and fell over in the mall parking lot, breaking my left hip, was located in a handicap parking space.

What are the odds?

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  • Diane Burton

    Hope the therapy is helping and that you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your FL vacation.

    • Thanks, Di. I graduated from inpatient therapy on Tuesday and started in home therapy in the condo on Wednesday. I may actually complete the prescribed amount of therapy just in time to pack up and head for home. ::sigh::

  • Kristen Brockmeyer

    Oh, Lana. I cringe every time I think about your accident. I hope you heal quickly!

    • I’m working on healing, Kristen. I cringe when I think about my accident too, mainly because I could have avoided it had I looked where I was going. ::groan::

  • Melissa Keir

    Oh no.. and you were so excited about that trip. I hope you heal quickly and still can enjoy the nice weather!

    • I’m doing my best to heal quickly, Melissa. The weather down here has been cold and dismal. The sun finally came out this afternoon but it’s only in the low fifties out there. I hope it warms up enough so I can go out on the deck and walk with my trusty walker.

      • Melissa Keir

        You at least have better weather than today. It was snowing again today. I do hope you get to get out and get some walking in and heal soon.

  • Margo Hoornstra

    Oh, Lana. Heal quickly. It is nice to see, with all the misfortune, you’ve retained your sense of humor.

    • I was upbeat at first, Margo. My spirits sank when my fur baby Dickens fell ill a week after I fell and while I was still in inpatient rehab. I’m happy to say that we’re both doing better today.

  • Paul Dellinger

    Bummer! You’re so upbeat that I’m hoping it can’t keep you down long.

    • Bummer indeed, Paul. FYI: My busted hip can’t keep me down. My physical therapist won’t let it. She never loses count of the reps, darn it.

  • Loralee Lillibridge

    Oh Lana, only you could make a disaster like breaking a hip sound like a comedy. I’m so sorry about the luxury condo but seriously, I just hope and pray your recovery will be swift and smooth. May you have a painfree winter from here on out. Hugs@

    • If I didn’t laugh about it, I’d cry, Loralee. I did enough of that when I fell and had to get in and out of the car. Ouch. Thanks for the prayers. From your lips to God’s ears!

  • Maris Soule

    So sorry, Lana. As others have said, I hope your recovery is swift.

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