Feb 072018

As I wrote in my last post, MG and I were going to skip our annual winter trip to Florida, but…

First of all, we got better. We got rid of The Crud.

Second, important appointments MG had schedule for February had to be postponed.

Third, we were free to travel.

It was late Thursday night a week ago, and we were watching The Science Channel. Yes, we are that intellectual.

MG: What do you think about going down to Florida for a few weeks now that we have the time?

ME: When?

MG: Now,

ME: NOW!!!!

MG: Okay, Monday.

ME: [counting on my fingers, panic setting in] That gives me only three days to get ready!

MG: Piece of cake. You can do it.

ME: [jaw drop] Do you remember to whom you are speaking?

MG: Just focus.

ME: Me? Focus?

MG: Yeah, you. Focus and move faster.

ME: Surely you jest. How many years have we been married? You must know by now that focus and faster are not in my lexicon.

MG: So, try harder.

I groaned and gritted my teeth. I’ve been hearing the same song all my ADHD life. Focus. Move faster. Try harder. It doesn’t help. My Mr. Efficiency will never get it.

ME: I have appointments I’ll need to reschedule. I have wash to do and summer clothes to get out and freshen. Then I have to pack—and pack my computer case.

MG: It’s not the end of the world. Just pace yourself.

ME: What about the taxes? I’m waiting on a few 1099s and then I’ll be done. They’ll probably come while we’re gone.

MG: Not a big deal. You can finish when we get back.

ME: Prescriptions—I need new prescriptions from my doctor. The current refills will run out while we’re gone.

MG: Excuses, excuses. Call her tomorrow.

ME: What about the bills? [I picked up a few from my temporary winter office desk in the living room. I glanced at the one on top and grew pale.] Uh-Oh.

MG: I get a bad feeling when you hold up a bill and say “Uh-Oh.”

ME: It’s my driver’s license, dang it. I tried to renew it online but had a problem. I meant to try again but I forgot. It’ll expire while we’re gone.

MG: [closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose] Okay. We’ll go into town tomorrow, renew your license, and swing by your doctor’s office to pick up your prescription. I’ll even buy you lunch while we’re out.

I brightened a bit. Lunch out was always nice, plus we then weren’t hungry for dinner afterward and I wouldn’t have to cook. A win-win scenario.

Somehow, I managed to get everything done before we pulled out of the driveway on Monday morning, but there was a price to pay. In order to get it all done before we left, I didn’t get to bed until 2:00 a.m., and I didn’t sleep a wink because I was positive I forgot to do something. ::sigh::

Last minute is not my strong suit.


  3 Responses to “Last Minute Is Not My Strong Suit”

  1. I would absolutely love it if my husband decided to travel ANYWHERE with me! Just be happy that he’s willing to spend all that time in a car with you to go someplace warm. Then soak up the sun and use that time to regenerate, rather than worry about stuff here.

  2. Wave as you drive by.

  3. Enjoy the escape from this miserable winter!

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