Oct 042017

The Las Vegas TV commercials always end with: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Not this time.

The news of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas spread beyond its city limits. It affected everyone in the nation, leaving us appalled, in disbelief, and wondering how it is possible for such evil to exist. I cannot wrap my mind around it. I cannot fathom how any human being could be so inhumane. I doubt any sane person can.

At first, I was mesmerized by the reports of the tragedy. I watched the TV news updates all day long, unable to turn away from each new horrendous revelation about the shooter and the number of his victims. I suspect others were riveted to their TVs as well, praying for the victims and their loved ones.

After a while, I viewed reports of the courage on the part of the police, fire department, and other first responders, and the selfless heroism on the part of the concert goers who protected others and helped to evacuate the wounded. The reports lifted my spirits. I was filled with pride in my fellow Americans.

Those amazing reports reminded me once more that Americans are at their best when times are at their worst. We witnessed that phenomenon again this week in Las Vegas.

I pray that Americans never lose the admirable spirit that makes them so exceptional. We need it more than ever these days.

Sep 202017

I loved to go to the movies when I was a kid, especially on Saturday mornings. Our parents drove my Baby Sister and me to the old Lefferts Movie Theater at Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Avenue in Queens and dropped us off for the Saturday Kiddie Matinee. The folks gave us our ticket money and money for popcorn, candy, and drinks, none of which cost anywhere near what they cost today. We saw about a dozen Warner Brothers cartoons and then an age appropriate movie. They were often comedies starring the legendary comedy team of Abbott and Costello (e.g. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein) or The Three Stooges (e.g. Have Rocket Will Travel), or westerns starring Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. All the kids cheered and went wild when each cartoon appeared on screen and went totally nuts when the featured film began. We had fun because we were being entertained.

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Sep 062017

Occasionally, when I travel, a disaster of some sort occurs during or after my visit. I assure you, I am not to blame. It is never my fault. Mere coincidence in each incidence, that’s all. I am not a jinx.

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Aug 302017

Just about everyone has a fear of something: the dark, water, flying—lions and tigers and bears, oh my! For me, it’s heights. Yes, I’m afraid of bugs too, but I doubt I would ever fall to my death off an insect.

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The Joys of Retirement

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Aug 162017

When my MG retired, I thought our pace of living would slow considerably. I was wrong. You should see our kitchen calendar. Nearly every box for each day of the month is filled. To keep track of both our activities and appointments, I began color-coding the entries. I went stereotypical for the two of us. His entries are highlighted in blue, mine are in pink, and our joint activities are highlighted in purple. I highlighted family birthdays and anniversaries in green; holidays are in orange; other days of note are highlighted in yellow. Every month of the year takes on the appearance of a checkerboard rainbow.

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