A Tale of Two Anniversaries #September11 #StarTrek50

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Sep 132016

The world recognized two memorable anniversaries in the past week, one famous and one infamous.

On September 8, 2016, enthusiastic fans of the original Star Trek series celebrated the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking series’ premiere on NBC in 1966.

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Jul 152015

Macho Guy and I celebrated another wedding anniversary this week. Well, maybe celebrated is too grandiose a word to describe how we marked it. We didn’t do a romantic getaway, as is our wont. It isn’t as if we’ve done it all. We haven’t.

We had fits trying to think of a new and unusual getaway this year that was also romantic.  That is so embarrassing for a writer of romance to admit. Oh, the shame of it all.

Our first big anniversary getaway was a tour of Italy. Our anniversary falls in July, which is undisputedly the most wretchedly hot and humid month of summer. We traveled through Italy on a tour bus with inoperative air-conditioning, drowning in perspiration. Have you ever tried to bite into a semi-liquid chocolate bar from Perugia? Most of the hotel rooms were “naturally air-conditioned” too. It was so hot that summer in Italy I gave up wearing a bra. I gave up wearing makeup too because it melted and slid off my face.

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