Sep 062017

Occasionally, when I travel, a disaster of some sort occurs during or after my visit. I assure you, I am not to blame. It is never my fault. Mere coincidence in each incidence, that’s all. I am not a jinx.

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Baseball Jargon Blues #Sportscasters #Baseball #Jargon

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Aug 312016

I never thought I’d need a thesaurus by my side to watch the Detroit Tigers play. The TV sportscasters have a specialized vocabulary made up of jargon all their own, and they appear to be the only ones who understand it. I don’t, that’s for sure.

Take the term “barrel up” for example. It makes no sense. How is it possible to barrel up when there are no barrels anywhere on the ball field? All I see are baseballs, bats, and bases. Someone please point out the barrels. Even Macho Guy, my in-house translator, is out in left field on that one.

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Jul 222015

The beginning of baseball’s 2015 season was thrilling for Detroit Tigers’ fans. Our boys of summer in blue and orange ran onto the field and kicked butt, winning their first six games of the year.

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