Feb 222017

Our family just set up a private Facebook page for its members–and only its family members. The single rule of our page is that we post only fun and positive family stuff and photos–nothing nasty or divisive. That’s what we’re doing, and what a respite it is.

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Oct 202016

I believe it isn’t asking too much of people to suggest that they treat one another with a modicum of civility. Come on, folks, it shouldn’t require more effort to be agreeable than disagreeable, and we should be able to disagree agreeably.


In this age of political correctness, humor is gone, understanding is absent, and tolerance has disappeared–especially during this election year. Mama mia! Extended families have turned into armed camps. Longtime friendships have ended in shouting matches and have been rendered irreparable. No political differences are worth tearing a family apart. No political differences are worth losing a single friend over. Continue reading »

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