A Rugrat Wrangling Weekend #Grandparents #Grandchildren #Grandma

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May 312017

I always enjoy babysitting our grandchildren and pet sitting our grandpuppy Buddy, the Golden Doodle. MG on the other hand feels nervous about being responsible for the kids and feels more at ease when only pet sitting Buddy.

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Dec 162015



Crafts 3

Just about everyone who knows me is aware that I am all thumbs when it comes to crafts. I can paint a fairly decent picture, and I can take darn good photos, but when it comes to doing the kind of craft that involves dexterity and coordination, I’m not your girl. Continue reading »

Sep 162015

Camp Grandma

Last summer, I wrote about a recent Camp Grandma with our younger son’s children. In that post, I touched briefly on an incident with their cousins from the original Camp Grandma. This time around, I’m telling all about it—the complete and unvarnished origins of Camp Grandma on the lake. Continue reading »

Jul 012015

At this spring’s Retreat From Harsh Reality, I bid on and won a huge sack filled with children’s books. When I showed my grandchildren my newly acquired treasure trove, they immediately asked if they could take them all home. They always ask the same question about my crayons, paints and other craft items, and the bins of toys I keep in the family room for them to play with when they visit. Each time they ask, I give them the same answer: if they take them home, there won’t be anything for them to play with when they come to visit Grandma.

The granddaughters also ask if they can take home my old lipsticks and all my costume jewelry they love to play dress up with. In fact, the elder granddaughter, a high-maintenance little female her daddy dubbed “The Princess,” has designs on my real jewelry as well—serious designs.

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