Aug 192015

In true ADD fashion, I missed my scheduled haircut appointment last week. When I stepped out of the shower on the morning of the appointment, there was a message on my answering machine from the salon inquiring as to my whereabouts. It became apparent immediately that somehow I entered the right day but the wrong time in my iPhone’s calendar.

My regular stylist’s next available appointment was two weeks out. My hair was already shaggy dog long. I couldn’t go without a haircut for another two weeks. I had no recourse. I would have to make an appointment with another stylist. The horror!

My stylist recommended the colleague who cuts her hair for her. I suppose that was somewhat reassuring but I was still very uneasy. Going to a new hair stylist sends me into a certain panic known to every woman–mortal fear of the butchered haircut. Assurances that it will grow back again if the stylist misses the mark do not assuage that primal fear. Once your hair is butchered, every day is a bad hair day. If you don’t have a wig, you have to wear a hat. I know, believe me.

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