Better Late Than Never #Christmas #MacPro #GeekSquad

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May 032017

I finally received my Christmas gift from MG four months late, and MG got his gift from me three months late. Why? Or why bother at all with Christmas gifts at this late date? Better late than never.

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Mobile Me An Office #MobileOffice #Technology #ITOverload

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Aug 102016

You gotta love modern technology.

We can do things today that I only read about in science fiction novels or viewed in science fiction movies and television shows when I was growing up.

Take the smart phone for example. It’s a telephone, television, and computer all in one–and it talks. It’s Star Trek tech for real in the palm of your hand. You can take it with you wherever you go and use it just about wherever you are. Along with its larger sibling the smart tablet and its mother the notebook computer, it allows you to telecommute. You can be on the job without being at work. Case in point, a family reunion out of state this past weekend during which Firstborn and I turned our cars into mobile offices.

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