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Apr 112018

Spring Break time came around and we got the usual call. Would MG and I pet sit Buddy the Golden Doodle for two weeks while our Second Son and his family went to Florida? Sure we would. We’re dog people, and Buddy is adorable. We love having him visit Grandma’s Pet Camp.

Then we got the text. Not a call, a text. Would we also be willing to critter sit Oliver, the Princess’s cute little pet hamster?

Oh. Um. Critter sit a little, uh, rodent? In our nice, clean, vermin-free house? Oh, boy. Well now, how could we possibly refuse to take care of our elder granddaughter’s cute little hamster? So, okay, sure. We’d. Love. To.

Taking care of Oliver fell to me, of course. Why was I not surprised at that?

Second Son arrived with both pets on Palm Sunday after church. When we opened the door, Buddy rushed in first, tail wagging, obviously excited and happy to see us. After running around the house to check everything out, he proceeded to chew on his toy pork chop. He hadn’t yet figured out he wasn’t going to sunny Florida with the family. Soon he would realize he was staying in frigid Michigan with Grandma and Grandpa where he would be spoiled rotten. As the grandpuppy, being spoiled rotten was his natural right.

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Jun 232016

Our home has been dogless since April 7th when our fur baby Dickens crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. MG and I miss the little guy so much. The house feels so empty with just the two of us rattling around in it.

We hesitated at first when our Number Two Son asked if we’d pet sit the family’s three-year-old Golden Doodle while they were on vacation. We weren’t sure how we’d feel with another dog in the house, but we eventually agreed.

The last time we pet sat Buddy, we also baby sat the grandkids too. The Princess, eldest of NT’s four children, did the honors taking care of Buddy. The Princess fed him, kept his water bowl full, let him out to answer the call of nature, put him through his obedience training, and took him outside to play and get some exercise. She did all the work so we didn’t take notice of his schedule or of what a bundle of energy Buddy was. Dickens did. He spent a lot of time avoiding the rambunctious Buddy. Continue reading »

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