The Joys of Retirement

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Aug 162017

When my MG retired, I thought our pace of living would slow considerably. I was wrong. You should see our kitchen calendar. Nearly every box for each day of the month is filled. To keep track of both our activities and appointments, I began color-coding the entries. I went stereotypical for the two of us. His entries are highlighted in blue, mine are in pink, and our joint activities are highlighted in purple. I highlighted family birthdays and anniversaries in green; holidays are in orange; other days of note are highlighted in yellow. Every month of the year takes on the appearance of a checkerboard rainbow.

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Apr 082015

It happens every time we come home from an extended winter stay in Florida. We unload our Chevy Traverse, trudging in from the garage with bin after bin of kitchen and bath supplies that we used in the rental cottage, plus coats and luggage, plus golf clubs, plus computer, electronics and office equipment, plus Schnoodle Dog’s crate, his beds, his blankets, his toys, his wardrobe, his accessories, his dinnerware, his food, his meds, and his treats. Whew!

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