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Apr 252018

Not the stop doing that cut that out. I mean cut something out of something. In this case, a manuscript with too many pages. Way too many pages. OMG, too many pages.

One of my works in progress is a science fiction romance entitled The Star Tripper. [Think Xena, Warrior Princess meets Star Trek meets Pirates of the Caribbean.] I aimed for 400 pages worth of manuscript. Star Tripper topped out at 598. Whoa. Talk about verbose. Apparently, I write the way I speak—too much and too long. ::sigh:: Continue reading »

Aug 172016

O brilliant first draft. O miraculous manuscript containing all the exquisite phrases that sprang from my mind, fully formed like Athena from the skull of Zeus. O eloquent pages teeming with so many darling words, phrases, and scenes that I can hardly believe I wrote them myself.

Beautiful First Draft - Blog Post Continue reading »

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