Mar 232016

It’s me again. I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. I fell in a parking lot minefield in Florida.

Since January 11 when I tripped, fell, and broke my hip, writing has been difficult. I’ve been held hostage to pain with no tolerable pain killer able to ransom me. When I say tolerable pain killer, that means any pain killer that could reduce my pain without turning me into a zoned out zombie barely able to keep my eyes open, remain conscious, or form a coherent thought–much less write a coherent sentence. Continue reading »

Jan 202016

It comes as no surprise to my circle of family and friends that I would break something necessary to the enjoyment of my Florida Panhandle winter vacation in a lovely beachfront condo. A lovely beachfront condo on stilts with a staircase of twenty steps leading to the front door and the living level. A lovely beachfront condo with a flight and a half of steps leading to the second floor bedrooms.

Stairway Continue reading »

Jan 132016


Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens as yet, and you’re determined to see it, don’t read any further until after you’ve kissed your hard-earned bucks goodbye. If you take my advice, I can save you the price of admission and the cost of all those overpriced concession items. Don’t go to see it. Just rent videos of the original Star Wars Trilogy—still the best of the Star Wars films—and you’ll see just about everything that is in the new ballyhooed Star Wars film in theaters now. It’s merely a clone of the firstest and bestest. Continue reading »

Dec 302015

Macho Guy will not be my date this New Year’s Eve. He hasn’t been for quite a while. Ever since he retired, he’s no fun at all on the Eve. He can’t manage to stay awake until the ball in Times Square drops at midnight, so I had to ditch him and look elsewhere.

New Year's Party #1 Continue reading »

Dec 162015



Crafts 3

Just about everyone who knows me is aware that I am all thumbs when it comes to crafts. I can paint a fairly decent picture, and I can take darn good photos, but when it comes to doing the kind of craft that involves dexterity and coordination, I’m not your girl. Continue reading »

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