Nov 292017

As much as I love computers, sometimes they don’t love me back. When I bought my second MacBook Pro about six months ago, I received a six months’ trial Kaspersky antivirus subscription from the Geeks at Best Buy. Firstborn, my computer guru, warned me about Kaspersky because it was developed by the Russians. The Geeks said a Canadian company owned it. Well, it’s not as if it’s uranium.

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May 182017

As I have admitted before, I am a self-confessed pack rat. I break out in a cold sweat at the very mention of throwing something out or giving it away. So, it is with serious trepidation that I began my annual home office decluttering. It’s more necessary than usual now that the weather is milder, because it is time for me to move from the living room back down to my office in the lower level.

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Jun 172015

We traveled west of the Mighty Mississippi last week for Macho Guy’s high school reunion. If you’re bracing yourself for a blow by blow description, you may relax. Not going there. No way. No how.

After the reunion ended, we stayed on for a family visit, mainly to help MG’s older sister in her quest to downsize from a three-bedroom split level to a one-floor condo. An additional quest involved persuading her to be more active in communicating with the rest of the family via email and on Facebook. She needed a device that was more user-friendly and more mobile than her old PC minitower so she would be more apt to use it. To that end, we [that is, I] helped her shop for and select an iPad.

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