Dec 092015

Packing 1

We’ll be traveling south for the winter in about a week. While I like spending part of the winter in a warmer clime, I strongly dislike the prep—mainly packing. There is just too much decision-making involved in packing. Thinking about it alone stresses me out. Continue reading »

Aug 262015

I have a button collection. My buttons are not the kind sewn on clothing. Mine are the kind with odd sayings or pictures on them. I pin them on my clothing where they will be most visible to the unsuspecting people I encounter. I photographed a select few to give you an idea of what the unsuspecting get to see.

The kind of buttons that speak to me can be fun conversation pieces or attention getters—positive or negative. Some people see the buttons and are drawn to converse with me; others point at them, laugh, and shake their heads; still others go glassy-eyed and look for the nearest exit.

I have a few souvenir buttons that I acquired in my travels as proof that I was courageous enough—or fool enough—to brave potentially dangerous pursuits. I still shudder whenever I see the button that proudly proclaims: “I went 1,000 feet underground at the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine.” I got more than I bargained for there.

08-26-15 #3 Continue reading »

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