Jan 182017

Why does Hollywood insist on movie remakes that mess with a classic film or an iconic character? Take my childhood idol Wonder Woman. They’ve made a new, updated, “improved” Wonder Woman movie. Improved, my aching backside. From what I’ve read about it, they changed her uniform so drastically she is no longer recognizable as the Wonder Woman I grew up admiring. To add insult to injury, it’s possible she may not self identify as an amazon any longer because there will be hints that she swings both ways. It wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes ambivalent about her gender identity. This is Hollywood, after all. Maybe they’ll make her politically correct in the next movie and call her Wonder Person.

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Dec 302016

This post was inspired by a Christmas gift from a good friend who knows of my admiration for and fascination with Wonder Woman, the first female superhero and my childhood idol. Wonder Women was an Amazon princess—Princess Diana—who came to America in 1941 to fight injustice and right wrongs. She eventually fought the Nazis as well.

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