Sep 022015

Spoiler Alert 1

Spoiler Alert: I’m The Spoiler Queen.

Before you go ballistic, let me assure you that I’m not the kind of spoiler you want to throttle. You know, the kind who sees a show and then tells you how it ends, destroying the element of surprise, before you have a chance to see it yourself. Nope. No way. Not me. I’m the kind of spoiler who watches the show with you, guesses whodunit and/or exactly how it’s going to end, and tells you before it does. Come to think of it, I guess you might want to throttle me too. Continue reading »

Feb 112015

It isn’t fair when pet peeves pile on. Enduring one in a day is annoying enough. Enduring two in the same day is cruel and unusual punishment.

02-11-15 Pet Peeves 1

On a very recent Saturday afternoon, Macho Guy and I decided to see a movie. As it happens, I have a bone to pick with the movie theater experience. There once was a time when people went to the movies and actually saw just that—movies—and a cartoon or two, or even a double feature. Movie theaters hyped the fact that unlike television, when you went to the movies, you didn’t have to watch commercials. Continue reading »

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